Fashion dynasty: Stephanie of Monaco, the royal style of her mother Grace Kelly to her daughter Pauline Ducruet

In the Grimaldi family, I ask for little sister Stephanie. Far from the clichés that we can have on royalty, Stéphanie of Monaco has always strived to break the codes and be as close as possible to her admirers. And it works since for more than decades, Stephanie of Monaco has been one of the most popular royal personalities in the world. And it’s not surprising when we remember all the evenings to wiggle on “Like a hurricane”, from 1986, his single which will beat all sales records. A modern princess, the sister of Albert of Monaco has also made the front page of scandalous magazines of all kinds, in particular with her tumultuous love stories. But Stéphanie de Monaco has always wanted to convey the image of a strong, independent woman brimming with personality. It is thanks to her style of dress, in particular, that she has achieved this feat. A style gene no doubt inherited from her mother Grace Kelly, an icon of style and elegance, and which she bequeathed to her own daughter Pauline Ducruet, now a fashion designer.

Grace Kelly, the supreme icon

Ask anyone on the street about their fashion icons, they’ll probably say Grace Kelly in the lot. The American actress-turned-Princess of Monaco has never ceased to fascinate fashion designers and fashion aficionados with her unique aesthetic. A single watchword for the blonde with such a recognizable look: elegance. From its beginnings, the legend is cradled in fashion. And yes, his mother, of Prussian origin, was a model. A propitious ground, therefore, for the one who will become the jewel of Hollywood and especially the muse of Alfred Hitchcock. The one who is admired for her cold appearance quickly becomes a reference thanks to the creations she wears in films but also on the red carpet. She fell in love with perfectly thought-out Dior suits, large vaporous dresses with a romantic softness, but also more modern but always refined pieces. On screen and in the city, Grace Kelly is applauded for her unparalleled style. She appears with very little makeup and wears sophisticated outfits that reveal very little of her body. And that, at the time, Hollywood loves. “I think it’s important to see the person first and the clothes second,” confides the actress, keen on beautiful clothes. And how not to mention, in this life filled with an exceptional dressing room, the wedding dress of Grace of Monaco for her union with Prince Rainier III? Designed by Helen Rose, her favorite costume designer, this dress includes an ivory silk faille skirt supported by three petticoats, as well as a fully re-embroidered Brussels pink lace bodice embellished with cultured pearls. In short, great art, at its height.

Stephanie of Monaco, modernity

Obviously, such fashion DNA could only be passed on to her daughter Stephanie. But this one will not be as fanatic of designer outfits as her mother. Stéphanie de Monaco, a young woman well in her time, is therefore influenced by the fashion that is made during her time. Trends are important for the one who is a princess 2.0. She therefore does not hesitate to appear in jeans on television or even in an ultra-high-cut swimsuit with a wet white linen shirt. She makes, of course, the distinction between her outfits in the private sphere and her official looks during more institutional presentations. In this case, the laughing-eyed brunette adorns herself with serious suits or chic dresses. But Stephanie of Monaco never wants to succumb to austerity. She is one of a kind and even today, she opts for flowing pants, red perfecto jackets and other pieces that we are not used to seeing on a princess. A real hurricane.

Pauline Ducruet, for the love of fashion

Pauline Ducruet is the daughter of Stéphanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet, businessman, and appears as eighth in the order of succession to the throne of the Principality of Monaco. But these affairs of crowned heads hardly interest him. In 2013, the young woman who had just come of age moved to Paris to study fashion. His dream ? Become creative. Through hard work, perseverance and of course talent, Pauline Ducruet managed to make a name for herself and in 2018, she created her own brand called Alter. His credo? The beautiful materials, the irresistible cuts and the games of transparency. A very beautiful label that has succeeded in establishing itself in the fashion world. In 2022, on the occasion of Paris Fashion Week, Pauline Ducruet finally sees her dream come true and she presents her collection for the first time in front of an audience of critics and VIPs. His mother, Stephanie of Monaco, is obviously seated in the front row. A beautiful family story.

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