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Published on March 26, 2023 at 12:00

Hair: how to take care of your microbiome

Hair: how to take care of your microbiome – ©Charlotte Lapalus /Gallery Stock

Rebalancing the bacteria present on our skin would do wonders. Brands have seized on the idea and are offering new rituals dedicated to the scalp. We take stock.

What are we talking about ?

From what was called “cutaneous flora” not so long ago. Our body is made up of different microbiomes, the set of microorganisms and their genes living in a particular environment. The most populated, the intestinal microbiota, coexists with the pulmonary, buccal or vaginal. “The scalp is a world a little apart: not very airy, not exposed to light, quite oily, explains Christine Lafforgue, lecturer in dermopharmacology and cosmetology. If we have a “healthy” scalp, we will have “healthy” hair. Hence the idea of ​​having a balanced microbiome: it is this that controls the general condition of the scalp. »

Why is everyone talking about it?

Because its colleague, the intestine, became a star in 2015, with the publication of “Discreet charm of the intestine”: more than 5.5 million copies sold worldwide. “We are in a period of significant progress in genomics and the general public is slowly starting to be aware,” adds Christine Lafforgue.

How do we take care of it?

While the scalp microbiome is supposed to be healthy by nature, sometimes its natural balance can be disrupted. Stress, pollution, change in temperature, poor hygiene or, on the contrary, too aggressive hair routine: we will quickly be alerted by the first symptoms, itching, dandruff, hair regreasing more quickly. This is called dysbiosis. A consultation with a dermatologist will allow us to orient ourselves towards the products to adopt according to our microbiome, knowing that we can already remove aggressive products for the scalp from our bathroom and turn to dedicated ranges.

Find the balance

We offer ourselves

A deep regeneration of the scalp offered by the clean and vegan brand Flora. With diagnosis, detox scrub, hair filler and rebalancing serum. Deep Detox Scalp and Hair Treatment, Flora, 30 mins, from €115 to €150. La Samaritaine beauty studio, 9, rue de la Monnaie, Paris-1er .

We integrate

A new routine at home: with products from the Gallinée brand, acquired by Shiseido, enriched with a complex of prebiotics and postbiotics, as well as fermented rice water. Hair Cleansing Cream, €23, and Hair Serum, €26.

We treat

Inside and out: with Aime’s Hair & Scalp Boost food supplements. Based on probiotics, biotin, folic acid and rice proteins, to promote scalp balance and growth. Bottle 1 month, 37 €.

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