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Published on March 26, 2023 at 3:15 p.m.

“Succession”: how did season 3 end?

“Succession”: how did season 3 end? – © Graeme Hunter/HBO

A little over a year after the broadcast of season 3, “Succession” returns for a fourth and final season, available from March 27 on Prime Video via the Warner Pass. Before reuniting with the Roy family, zoom in on a last episode rich in emotions. Warning, spoilers.

D-1. After months of teasing, “Succession” will make its return, and also its farewell. Jesse Armstrong’s series launched on HBO in 2018 and multi-awarded at the Golden Globes and Emmy Awards will end in May after a tenth episode. Who will take over Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) media empire? The trailer unveiled at the beginning of the month announced a season just as epic as the previous ones, this time with an alliance between the three children: Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Siobhan (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin). But will it last? To understand how one of the most iconic families on the small screen got there, look back on episode 9 of season 3, released in December 2021, which opted for drama rather than a “happy ending”.

Warning, if you haven’t seen the third season, this article contains major spoilers.

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Direction Tuscany

For the end of the third season, the Roys are in Tuscany where the wedding of Caroline, the mother of Shiv, Roman and Kendall is to take place, which is attended by the whole family, including Logan. First and (only?) good news in this episode: Willa (Justine Lupe) finally agrees to marry Connor Roy (Alan Ruck), the eldest of the siblings and half-brother of the three others, who has been hoping, for a few episodes, become the next president of the United States

While the sun is at its zenith, the four children make their way to the ceremony, without Logan, too busy orchestrating the sale of his media conglomerate to Lukas Mattson (Alexander Skarsgard), at the head of a news company. market-leading technologies. During the start of the wedding festivities in the magnificent gardens, no one suspects a thing. Or almost. Roman finally understands, by the presence of his father’s direct team on the scene, that something is going on.

Logan Roy, always winner

After informing Shiv and recovering Kendall, disoriented since he nearly drowned when he fell from his inflatable mattress in the previous episode, the three Roy children find themselves at the back of the property, in an isolated place next to the garbage cans. They offer us one of the rare moments of sincere brotherhood in the series. Heartbreaking, Kendall delivers, exhausted, a monologue on his ill-being (“There is something wrong with me. I do not feel very connected with my children and my projects at the moment. I really tried to do something. I’m not a good person”) and confesses to his brother and sister his responsibility for the death of the waiter at Shiv’s wedding (end of season 1).

After finding the emotional support he needs, it only takes a few moments for Kendall to accept his sister Shiv’s offer to go and oppose their father. On her way to “kill the father”, she calls her husband Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) to tell him of their intention to oppose their father. Tired of always being relegated to second place, Tom, who stayed at the banquet, proposes an alliance to Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun). Either one of the best moments of the diabolical duo formed from the first episode of the series.

The final betrayal

Once the three Roy children find their father in the living room of a huge mansion where the sale of the company is being sealed, the last sequence sums up the strength of “Succession”. As dramatic as it is comic, the series holds together with its sharp dialogues… and its cliffhangers. Who could betray Shiv, Roman and Kendall? When Tom, Shiv’s husband arrives and Logan thanks him by putting his hand on his shoulder, the only daughter of the media mogul understands with a simple look that her husband betrayed her by warning her stepfather of their arrival. After securing the vote of his ex-wife, Caroline, Logan Roy quickly made sure he had a clear way to sell. An end to the season which proves that as always, the patriarch has a head start, despite the alliance of his three children. The sequel promises to accentuate the rivalries between the Roy children and their father. The end of “Succession” will still have to answer a question: who will succeed Logan Roy?
To discover season 4 of “Succession”, you will have to change your habits since the HBO series have left the OCS platform since the end of the year. Since March 16, they have been available on Prime Video’s Warner Pass, only accessible to subscribers by paying a supplement. We explained all this to you right here (LINK NEWS). The first episode will be available Monday, March 27, then every Monday until May 29.

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