The live show wants to keep the beautiful role

Against the current of the crisis affecting cinemas in France, attendance at theaters has started to rise again since the end of the health crisis. More and more of us are rushing to concerts, theaters or operas. +2% attendance compared to 2019it’s better than before the pandemic.

But behind this crowd, the reality is much more contrasted, and the actors of the performing arts are very worried. Not least because of inflation and rising energy prices. “On the costing, I have two invoices that we just received at the end of last week. At the moment, we consume 11,000 euros of gas per week, 8,000 euros of electricity per week, so 19,000 euros of fluids per week. Until 2022 inclusive, we were at 190,000 euros per year. It is therefore multiplied by four“, testifies Jean-Baptiste Jacob, the administrator of the Rouen opera, forced to cancel several performances in April and May next.

“Difficult to plan”

To cope with these substantial increases, it would take 30 million euros, alert the actors of the performing arts. But for the moment, the ministry has only granted 3 million euros, one-off and targeted aid, intended for those who are most at risk. For others, you have to reinvent yourself.

“Before Covid, festivals already had a tight economic model. We had to fill up to 90-95% to balance. Since 2022, to balance, we would have to be able to fill up to 110-115%, which is obviously not possible if only for security reasons. So, here we are, we are in full reflection on the economic model, and yes, it is really difficult to project ourselves”, explains Carole Meyer, director of the Art Rock festival in Saint-Brieuc.

“The live performance wants to keep the beautiful role”a report by Antoine Giniaux.

Achievement : Jérôme Chélius, assisted by Martine Meyssonnier.

Mixing: Sebastien Royer

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