Euro2024 qualifications (Ireland/France Monday evening): When the French football team played in green….!

The French football team has been seen playing for years and years, either in a blue jersey or in a white jersey. But in green, rarely. And don’t say never! because the France team played a match with a predominantly green jersey during the 1978 World Cup which took place in Argentina.

An error of the intendant of the blues

The context is as follows: The French, already eliminated from the competition after two defeats against Italy (2/1) and against Argentina (2/1) must play a third group match, without sporting stakes, against Hungary, also already eliminated from the tournament.

And the intendant of the blues, which is, in 1978, Henri Patrel, does not take into account a fax from FIFA which informs him that Hungary will play in white. And suddenly, he only brings back a set of jerseys (white) and he leaves the blue outfits in the base camp of the French who are in Buenos Aires.

When the French find themselves in the corridor before the match, they realize that it will be white jersey against white jersey. “It was a strange feeling to end up with the same color of shirt, it was the general amazement! » says Olivier Rouyer, left winger during this match, at the microphone of Fabrice Abgrall.

A race against the clock in the streets of Mar del Plata

A race against time is then launched in the streets of Mar del Plata, Argentina, where the match is taking place in order to find another game of jerseys. The problem is that everything is closed, there are no sports shops open! (yet it is a Saturday, June 10, 1978)

Finally, a solution is found with a fishing club in the Mar del Plata region! The amateur club Atlético Kimberley agrees to lend jerseys to the French, and the outfits are striped green and white.

“We entered the field and we all looked at each other because we expected the reaction of the locals. We were a bit stupid but we had a good laugh anyway. Which didn’t stop us from having a good game! », continues Olivier Rouyer.

Michel Hidalgo’s men were therefore able to play their last group match. With a kick-off delayed by a good half hour. And they even won it, 3/1 with goals signed Lopez, Berdoll and Rocheteau, the latter for the anecdote, was nicknamed, the green angel!

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