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Published on March 27, 2023 at 3:55 p.m.

MPs from Germany's Green Party suggest newly married couples merge their surnames.

MPs from Germany’s Green Party suggest newly married couples merge their surnames. – ©snapshot/Future Image/Jean MW/Shutterstock/Sipa

Members of the Bundestag, the German environmental party, suggest that newly married couples merge their surnames to create a new one. A proposal deemed “refreshing” by a spokesperson for the group in the Assembly.

Fusion. This is the concept on which the new suggestion of the elected German ecologists is based. While the Bundestag was considering the law of the name, the deputies wish to push the reform even further by offering couples the possibility of merging their two surnames once married.

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The “mesh” of names

“I find that a merger of surnames, instead of double names with a hyphen, would be a refreshing innovation and therefore very charming,” said the spokesperson for the environmental group in the German parliament responsible for legal policy. , Helge Limburg, to the German media “Welt”, Tuesday March 21. Thus, a Schneider-Müller could adopt the name Schnüller, for example.

In the French version, Madame Noël and Monsieur Gendrot would, for example, have the possibility of being called Madame and Monsieur Nodrot, or even Gendrël, instead of Noël-Gendrot, explains “20 Minutes”.

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Britain ahead

As amazing as it is, this option already exists in Great Britain where it is called “mesh”. This measure is openly explained on the website of the British Embassy in Paris: “During marriage, if the tradition is that the wife takes the surname of the husband, it is also perfectly acceptable for the wife to keep her name. maiden, or that the couple create their own double surname by juxtaposing their original surnames or connecting them with a hyphen.”

France, for its part, does not authorize this merger. But the steps to change surname were simplified on 1er July 2022. Any adult can change their name once in their life by choosing the surname of the mother, the father, or both. “All you need now is a Cerfa declaration to the civil status of your town hall”, declared the Minister of Justice Éric Dupond-Moretti.

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