Mobilization against pensions: can we appease the anger?

In a climate of tension and violence, Emmanuel Macron wishes to calm the disputes and engage in dialogue with the unions. But renouncing the pension reform is still not envisaged. Is it possible to appease without giving up?

Elisabeth Borne today opens a sequence of consultations over three weeks with parliamentarians, political parties and social partners if they wish. An attempt at dialogue in the hope of easing the tension with the demonstrators and the unions. The Prime Minister also announced this weekend that she no longer wanted to use 49.3 outside of budgetary texts.

But Laurent Berger, secretary general of the CFDT, pleads for a suspension of the reform, in order to organize a real negotiation on the broader theme of work. Moreover, Jean-Luc Mélenchon believes that the only way to obtain appeasement, “is to withdraw the text”.

The Constitutional Council has yet to decide on the conformity of the reform. Misuse of Article 47.1, amendments declared inadmissible… many reasons could lead him to censure the reform.

  • How to get out of this political deadlock?
  • Can social protest subside?
  • Can the Constitutional Council censure the pension reform?

With us to talk about it

  • Eric Fottorino, Journalist, co-founder of the weekly 1
  • Stephane Sirot, Historian, specialist in social relations, trade unionism and labor disputes
  • Laureline Fontaine, professor of public and constitutional law at the Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3. Author of The abused Constitution (Amsterdam edition)

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