The most beautiful wedding manicures – Elle

We know this slightly outdated photo of the hands of the bride and groom presenting their wedding rings. We also know that on the wedding day, many of the guests will want to admire the bride’s ring. So many eyes and lenses trained on hands that have every interest in being impeccable.

Bridal manicure: our tips for taking care of your nails (before D-Day)

Before moving on to choosing the color or style of your manicure, it is imperative to have healthy and healthy nails. There’s nothing like opting for naturalness and for that, you shouldn’t hesitate to pamper your claws over the long term. How to do a nail detox? Don’t hesitate to take breaks between your two nail polish applications and don’t forget to moisturize your nails and cuticles daily. Feeding them deeply allows you to have a very smooth nail, which does not split or break. Even better, its shiny side will leave behind an ultra clean finish. For this, we equip ourselves with a four-sided polisher which will allow us to do a complete job from filing to polishing.

The most suitable techniques for a successful wedding manicure

Generally, to avoid that the nails outweigh the ring or the outfit of the bride, it is customary to opt for sober and natural manicures. For a long time, the French manicure prevailed over everything else, but that was without counting the arrival of a completely different trend: the baby boomer manicure. The principle ? The use of a white and light pink varnish as for a French but in a degraded way. The shades merge more for more naturalness. The rendering is much softer and gives the look of clean nails as we like them. In classic varnish, gel or semi-permanent… The choice is vast.

Nude manicure: the flawless that sticks to all skin types

Another possibility is to opt for a nude varnish that will blend perfectly with your complexion while magnifying the nail. The trick is to opt for a shade close to your skin, of course, but you also have to pay attention to your undertone because each skin tone is more neutral, golden or even pink. Then it remains to choose the nude that will be the most appropriate.

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