Terminus, everyone get off: episode 2/2 of the podcast The Martial Richoz case says the bus man

Does the atypical behavior of Martial Richoz in the public space justify his internment?

Relayed by the local and national press, the case divides the country. The craziest rumors circulate about the behavior of Martial Richoz. 10 days later, thanks to the help of a lawyer moved by the fate of Martial, the young man leaves Cery. But he announces that he “takes his forced retirement”. In fact, he will never resume his activities as a man-trolley. The internment of Martial Richoz will have highlighted everyone’s relationship to psychiatry, madness, excess, in a city where raw art is an institution with its famous museum.
Almost 40 years later, while the protagonists are still alive and the memory of the man-bus remains vivid in the minds of the inhabitants, what lesson does this affair give us? What happened to Martial Richoz?

To talk about it

  • Martial Richoz
  • Barthold Bierens de Haanpsychiatrist, author of The nostalgia of madness: sensitive and salutary (Pierre-Marcel Favre, 1986)

  • Cristina Ferreirasociologist, professor at the Haute Ecole de Santé Vaud (

    HESAV), co-author of The Busman – A History of Psychiatric Controversies. 1960-1980 (Georg, 2020) with Ludovic Maugué and Sandrine Maulini

  • Michael Etterfilmmaker, author of Martial says the man-bus (1983)

  • Anic Zanzicurator at the

    Collection of Art Brut in Lausannecurator of

    Vehiclesthe first biennial of art brut, biennial devoted to means of transport (08.11.2013 to 27.04.2014)

THANKS to Alain Corbaz from the Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne (Switzerland)

Excerpts broadcast

Trolley 701 by Martial Richoz - Collection de l'Art Brut (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Trolley 701 by Martial Richoz – Collection de l’Art Brut (Lausanne, Switzerland)

– Francois Teste

Selected bibliography

Movie :

Dodes’kaden (1970) directed by Akira Kurosawa

In “L’art et la vie”, Jean Bessière, psychiatrist at Sainte-Anne hospital, talks about the art and painting of the mentally ill (RTF, 09.28.1950)

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A documentary by Céline du Chéné, directed by François Teste. Coordination, Christine Bernard. Archives Ina, Emmanuelle Luccioni. Production and web page assistant, Sylvia Favre-Steyaert.

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