The kitchen in trompe l’oeil

A chocolate sausage. A veal tartare in the shape of Paris-Brest. A red fruit salad that looks like a beef tartare… In recent years, trompe-l’oeil dishes have been popular on social networks, especially pastries. Cédric Grolet, with his 7 million subscribers on Instagram, probably has a lot to do with it, unless he came to surf on an already rising wave. In any case, today chefs put their virtuosity at the service of dishes with a deceptive appearance and confounding realism, amusing ways of fooling our senses or ingenious means of making us swallow, without our knowing it, celeriac. When the kitchen reverses the codes and lures our taste buds and our brain, it is the Dish of the day of this midday (unless it is the dessert?)…

Sephora Nahon, co-founder with Sophie Journo of the Parisian restaurants “Privé de dessert”

Francois Deshayespastry chef at the hotel

The hotel Meurice Paris alongside Cédric Grolet, the star of the trompe-l’oeil dessert

Sebastien Tantota rising young chef, starred, three Gault&Millau toques and 2022 revelation at the Omnivore festival, trained by Pierre Gagnaire, Yannick Alléno and Gérald Passédat, owner of the “A la Bonne Idée” inn in Saint-Jean-aux-Bois (Oise) and three simpler addresses, baptized “La Table de César”, in the gardens of the inn in Saint-Jean-aux-Bois, Ramatuelle and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Chronicle to read “Les Bonnes Graines”, by Adrien Henriet

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The daily trompe l’oeil of grocery shopping

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