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Regarding fashion, the reputation of French women is second to none! They have that chic and relaxed look that the whole world craves, with that little “je ne sais quoi” that makes all the difference. The secret of this French touch? Basic and timeless women’s wardrobes, upgraded with a few trendy items and combinations that work! Often imitated but never equaled, the quintessential Frenchy style is played out on a few clothes and accessories in particular. And precisely, here are the ten spring pieces essential to the Frenchwoman’s wardrobe.

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The blazer

In each season, the blazer remains a staple of the French woman’s wardrobe. For spring, we opt for beige, white, brown or even green tones, available in a range of materials, such as linen or cotton. For a casual look, wear it with pants, a top, a baguette bag, a pair of sneakers and of course, don’t skimp on jewelry. For a more sophisticated look, nothing could be simpler: French women swap their sneakers for a pair of heels!


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The trench coat

In autumn as in spring, nothing more chic than a trench coat! Whether in leather, cotton or poplin, it continues to seduce French women across the generations, but it is the traditional model in beige cotton canvas that remains the most preferred. The particularity of this piece is that it literally goes with everything, at least that’s what the fashionistas of our country prove to us. In the streets of France, the trench is indeed everywhere and on all styles: we see it associated with wide jeans and sneakers as well as a little black dress and heels, and even over a sports outfit.


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For a preppy chic or casual style, moccasins prove to be a great ally! Real timeless wardrobe of the French, these shoes are even more present in the streets of France in recent seasons. And for good reason ! Wear with jeans, a skirt or even shorts, loafers are suitable for all looks and all occasions.


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The floral print maxi dress

This style of dress is undoubtedly one of the basics to have in your closet, according to French fashionistas. She is one of the few who have the power to transcend not only generations, but also seasons! To style it? Nothing’s easier ! For a bohemian outfit, Frenchies like to associate it with ankle boots and a shoulder bag, but bring their own chic by adding a leather belt.

print dress

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The sailor

A bit cliché, but true: if there is one thing that characterizes the style of French women (apart from the beret), it is the marinière. Moreover, few are those who do not have one in their wardrobe. In sweater or t-shirt version, it is a real timeless and essential to complete the Frenchy’s dressing room.


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The quilted jacket

Just like the blazer and the trench coat, the quilted jacket has established itself as one of our essentials for braving the spring breeze. With its casual look, it has definitely won the hearts of French women. Its advantage? You can also combine it for a casual chic outfit or another ultra-cool one!

quilted jacket

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Bootcut jeans

Among the incalculable number of pants and jeans, the one that takes precedence in the dressing room of the Frenchwoman is the bootcut. Fitted from the waist to the knee and flared along its length, it highlights the silhouette and suits all styles.

boot cut

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Satiny midi skirt

The satin midi skirt is really the must have to adopt the chic and relaxed style of the Frenchwoman! With a sweater slipped negligently inside and a pair of sneakers, this elegant piece is regularly given a nonchalant twist in France.

satin skirt

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The white shirt

The white shirt is a timeless real. Whether oversized, fitted or corseted, worn under a sweater or on its own, it accompanies every French woman. With jeans, a fluid midi skirt, flare pants or a mini-skirt, it’s the number one basic that each of us has in our closet.


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For spring, the scarf is a major accessory! Tied around the neck, on the head in a bohemian way, as women wore it in the 1950s or as a bag accessory, it sets the tone for French women’s outfits in no time. Proof of this is Kendall Jenner’s latest look in Paris, who nodded to French style by sporting a scarf around her head.


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