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Published on March 24, 2023 at 5:04 p.m.

Burn-out: what is the

Burn-out: what is the “rage applying”, very popular on TikTok? – ©Kampus Production/Pexels

Burnout is becoming more and more widespread, especially since the health crisis. To deal with it, should we give in to “rage applying”, very popular on social networks?

Faced with burnout, the trend of “rage applying” is causing a sensation on the Web. According to a study by the Human Footprint firm, relayed by “Franceinfo” on March 9, the number of employees in psychological distress has increased by three points compared to June 2022, with 44% of employees concerned in France. A health condition characterized by depression and exhaustion, which can lead to high blood pressure and anxiety disorders. A scourge that transcends borders.

After “quiet quitting”, which consists of sticking to the tasks stipulated in your contract to preserve your mental health, another phenomenon is gaining momentum on TikTok: that of “rage applying”. On the social network, the hashtag has 5.6 million views.

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A double-edged phenomenon

“Rage applying” consists of applying to an incalculable number of job offers, with the aim of leaving your current position which no longer satisfies us – in particular because of insufficient salary, or anxiety-provoking working conditions. “I got angry at work and angrily applied for 15 jobs. I found a job that gave me a $25,000 raise, and it’s a great place to work, so keep ‘rage applying’, it’ll happen to you eventually,” user Redweez says, in a video shared by 64,000 internet users. But these compulsive applications carry risks.

@redweez Keep rage applying when youre mad that energy will push you to greater horizons than the job youre stuck in! #work #millennial #worklife ♬ The Sign – Ace of Base

By multiplying the applications, the position of your dreams could pass under your nose. Indeed, the risk of “rage applying” is to accept a position that we do not like, or not to find a job. “If you really apply on a whim because something is wrong, you may be leaving a great job when you could have been involved in solving the problem and improving the workplace,” Bonnie points out. Dilber, a recruiter at Zapier, interviewed by the “HuffPost”.

“If you don’t take the time to thoroughly research the company and the position, you risk leaving your current position for a job or company that you are even less satisfied with,” confirms Gabrielle Woody, university recruiter for the company. Intuitive. Weighing the pros and cons before changing jobs is important. What don’t I like right now? Is there an in-house solution? What are my needs? What are my desires? What type of company do I really want to work for? It is essential to ask the right questions. At best, your project will be thought out and you will have more chances to be fulfilled in your professional life.

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