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Published on March 24, 2023 at 10:54 am

Avah, the first baby of transgender parents was born on February 19 in Bourges.

Avah, the first baby of transgender parents was born on February 19 in Bourges. – ©Unsplash/Aditya Romansa adroman

For the first time in France, a transgender couple gave birth to a baby. Mattéo, a transgender man gave birth to little Avah in the presence of Victoire, his companion who is also transgender.

This is a national first. A transgender couple gave birth to a baby girl at the Jacques-Coeur hospital in Bourges on February 19. And if the birth dates back more than a month, hospital staff have just shared a photo with the couple and their baby. “The professionals were really interested in us to understand our difficulties, they were always benevolent. We were very well followed, we did not think we would be so supported, ”say the happy parents.

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The couple salutes the benevolence of the medical staff. “There were no inappropriate gestures, no inappropriate words. Only kind and sincere questions, ”summarizes Victoire at the Republican Berry. For its part, the hospital assures that “the team did as usual”. “There was no reason to provide different care,” commented Doctor Julien Cirier, head of the gynecology-obstetrics department, in the establishment’s internal journal.

Both parents suspended their hormonal treatments to accommodate this pregnancy. Avah will be their only child. And if the establishment of the birth certificate did not pose a problem, the latter attributes to Mattéo the title of “mother”. The young dad has a male gender identity. He is therefore preparing to take the necessary steps to obtain the modification.

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Administrative difficulties

Other administrative complications arose on discharge from the hospital. “It blocks all software. Mutual, Social Security, Caf…”, sums up Matteo. In fact, in accordance with her civil status, it was paternity leave and not maternity leave that was granted to her. “The file is still blocked at the Sécu. From the start of my pregnancy, everything was blocked,” he continues.

Both parents had changed their marital status before the arrival of their little girl. “The administrative employees were very understanding”, underlines Matteo who explains that the town hall agreed to indicate that their daughter was born to the couple. “An annotation concerning the change of sex is made on his full birth certificate, but I have asked that it be blocked and that we can never consult it again. I just keep a copy to show it to my daughter, ”concludes the dad.

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