“Al Atlal, song for my mother” by Norah Krief

Norah Krief performed in 2016 an extract from the song ofOum Kalsoum Al-Atlal opening of Phèdre(s) directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski. This experience resonated for the actress and singer like a call, a call to memory and to the memory of her own mother, a Tunisian Jew who immigrated to the suburbs of Paris, who often hummed this air, mythical throughout the Maghreb and the Middle East. Echoing the nostalgia of a lost country and long-repressed childhood memories, Norah Krief, accompanied by musicians, pays homage to her mother, the uprooted and their descendants.
Achievement : Cedric Aussir
According to the show Norah Krief And Frederic Fresson
The poem Al-Atlal was written by Ibrahim Nagi and sung by Oum Kalsoum to music by Riad Al Sunbati in 1966
With : Norah Krief
Oud and vocals: Hareth Mhedi
Guitar, percussion and vocals: Antonin Fresson
Programming and keyboard: Frederic Fresson
Sound recording, mixing editing: Djaisan Taouss, Etienne Colin
Production Assistant: Emily Jokiel
Thanks to Wajdi Mouawad, Charlotte Farcet, Marie Descourtieux, Mohanad Aljaramani, Lucien Zerrad

Norah Krief discovers the theater by participating in internships with Philippe Minyana and François Rancillac. In 1991, Éric Lacascade and Guy Alloucherie entrusted him with roles in the Ballatum Théâtre Ivanov And The Three Sisters by Chekhov, The Double Inconstancy of Marivaux, Hedda Gabler of Ibsen thanks to which she obtains the Molière of the second role in 2005 and Tartuffe by Moliere. In 1996, she joined the company of Jean-François Sivadier, who wrote for her one of the characters in Italian with orchestrabefore staging it in The Marriage of Figaro of Beaumarchais, King Lear of Shakespeare, The Lady from Maxim’s by Feydeau, which earned her a nomination for the Molière for leading role and The Misanthrope by Moliere. She also works with David Lescot, Valère Novarina and more recently Krzysztof Warlikovski and Wajdi Mouawad. After Man for man de Brecht, it was with Yann-Joël Collin that she discovered the pleasure of singing in 1998 in Henry IV of Shakespeare. From then on, she co-founded the Sonnets company with the composer Fred Fresson in 2001 and produced the disc The Sonnets after Shakespeare, culmination of 120 performances. François Morel wrote the songs for the show to him three years later Head Elsewhere, also published on disc. Having joined the artistic collective of the Comédie de Valence, she produced with Richard Brunel a new version of Sonnets. Then, in 2015, she called on David Lescot and Éric Lacascade to create Red Review, a show composed of revolutionary songs. In 2017, she created Al Atlal, song for my mother from the iconic song ofOum Kalsoum, show presented at La Colline in 2021 and which will be repeated at the end of March 2023 at

Theater 14. In 2019, she participated in the creation of the show Big cats by Wajdi Mouawad, and lately plays in square root of the verb to be by Wajdi Mouawad at the Théâtre de la Colline.

On tour ofa

March 28 to April 8, 2023 at Theater 14 Paris (75)

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