“Inuti” by Malin Bang for instrumental ensemble and sound objects

Inuti ” of

Malin Bang for instrumental ensemble and sound objects

love music : Emiliano GAVITO: flute – Adam STARKIE: bass clarinet – Emily YABE: viola – Lola MALIQUE: cello – Christian LOZANO SEDANO: guitar
Recorded at Radio France on March 6, 2023

Inuti »

The singing voice of the Swedish composer Malin Bang punctuated our programs on France Musique this week, highlighting the broadcast of each movement of Inuti, the series of miniatures imagined for the set love music. To save this page to Radio France, Malin Bang traveled from Gothenburg to Paris, via Strasbourg, where she met the musicians of Lovemusic.

The rehearsals were dense, because in creation, as we know, the score is only a starting point, especially since Malin bang explores particular modes of playing on the instruments, and adds objects to the device.
These objects – natural wooden boxes, vegetable brushes, grating sticks, and dried twigs – bring to the music Inuti a particular color.

Inuti is an almost ecological, tactile, sensory music.
Inuti is a Swedish word meaning insideand which consists of three words-syllables: In (inside ), C (outside), I (towards the inside).

A world of sensations

In this composition, the composer is interested in the links that we maintain, we humans, with the outside world: the path between the inside of our bodies and the outside of the world, via the different senses. It is a form of manifesto in which Malin Bang expresses the frustration she feels with the importance of digital in our daily lives, with the increasingly commercial platforms that divert our attention as soon as we go on the web.

The focus is on our tactile experiences: a wooden surface that we touch with the hand, the mouth that touches the musical instrument, the contact of the skin on the strings of a guitar, far from the digital environment , its noise, its agitation.

The musicians of love music had great fun exploring these game territories!

Sound recording team: Jean-Louis Deloncle, Sebastien Royer
Art direction: Vincent Villetard
Coordinator: Marion Guillemet

Learn more about Malin Bang

She came to music through the piano and the violin. She studied composition in northern Sweden, then in Stockholm, Berlin and Gothenburg.
She also made a detour of a few months to France, where she met Gérard Grisey. She was selected by the Voix Nouvelles Academy in Royaumont and was in residence at the Cité des Arts in Paris.
To know more :

Malin Bang website

Public creation of INUTI:

THE March 24 in Strasbourg And March 26 in Paris (The Dunois)


Objects for the Inuti room
Objects for the Inuti room

– Clever bang

Musical programming (in addition to Inuti):

. Meeresleuchten Mareld for prepared piano and orchestra
Piano: Rei Munakata
SWR Symphony Orchestra, conductor Bas Wiegers
Witten Chamber Music Festival, 2022

. Structures of Molten Light for together
Materials: recordings made outside certain stations, in Stockholm, Tokyo and Paris (St Paul metro square)
Curious Chamber Playersheaded by Rei Munakata
Created in March 2011 in Tallinn, Estonian Music Days festival – Double portrait concert

. Jasmonate for together (2017)
Curious Chamber Players, direction Rei Munakata
Premiered in December 2017 at Porgy and Bess, Vienna (Austria)

. Split Rudder for amplified Paetzhold contrabass flute and electronics
Flute: Anna Petrini
Premiered at the Full Pull Festival concert series in Malmö, Sweden, September 2011

. Splinters of ebullient rebellion for orchestra (2017-18)
Creation of the SWR Symphony Orchestra, direction Pascal Rophé
October 2018 – Donaueschingen festival

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