My Christian Roots

A Experience signed Thomas Guillaud-Batailleproduced by Veronique Samouiloff
-new listening for this program originally broadcast on June 9, 2019-

April 15, 2019 AD: Notre-Dame de Paris burns, its century-old frame falls to ashes before the eyes and dumbfounded smartphones of the whole world. And Thomas Guillaud-Bataille wonders about his Christian roots. Then begins a sound log where Notre-Dame in flames, her daughter, her mother, Michelangelo’s Pieta, the apostle Thomas, her son, her father, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Pasolini, a fake monk and a true priest.

Through the account of a few episodes of his life, Thomas Guillaud-Bataille questions his ambiguous relationship to Christianity and the idea of ​​transcendence. He indulges in confessions: the confessions of a paradoxical atheist, who loves the Bible, churches and blasphemy. He also imagines God, he fantasizes about him, he asks himself radio questions about him: What does his voice sound like? Does God hear us? Did God create the sounds of the world? And if yes, how ? If God existed, wouldn’t he be the craziest of sound creators, capable of mixing all the sounds in the world live? And what is the brand of his editing software, to God?

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With : Anouk, Sylvie, Joachim, Alain and Jean-Paul Guillaud-Bataille, Eric Lorinet, Isabelle Cipris and Sasha Alunni

With the voice of: Francois Perache

Musics: “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, performed by Jeff Buckley; “Since you’re leaving” by Jean-Jacques Goldman

Drawing :

This illustration is signed Ludovic Lalliatformer student of the Atelier de Joann Sfar des Beaux-Arts de Paris, whose images can be found on Instagram:


Sound recording : Marcos Darras, Marc Garvenes and Eric Boisset

Mixing: Claude Niort

Achievement : Veronique Samouiloff

A sound creation by Thomas Guillaud-Bataille


Thanks to Christophe Rault and Felix Blume

On-air creation

59 mins

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