The beginnings of Mouloudji (5)

To celebrate the centenary of his birth, in partnership with Mercury, which has published a 3-CD box of his best songs, accompanied by a DVD with extracts from television shows, “Tour de chant” sets out to restore the beginnings of his career.

To read :

Nathalie Rheims: Throughout the days
Novel. Released in January 2023

Editions Leo Scheer

Nathalie Rheims: Throughout the days
Nathalie Rheims: Throughout the days

– Editions Leo Scheer

Show credits:
I do not know the end
Edith Piaf in public
INA Document, 1954
(f: Raymond Asso – m: Marguerite Monnot)

Musical programming:

I was given a soul
Mouloudji at the Theater de l’Oeuvre
INA Document, 1954
(f: Rachele Thoreau – m: Florence Véran)

The deserter
Mouloudji, 1954
(p: Boris Vian – m: Boris Vian and Harold Berg)

I’m a snob
Mouloudji in public
INA Document, 1955
(f: Boris Vian – m: Jimmy Walter)

provincial blues
Mouloudji, 1954
Soundtrack of the film “Everything sings around me”
(f: Mouloudji – m: Daniel White)

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The turtle polka
Mouloudji, 1954
Soundtrack of the film “Everything sings around me”
(f: Paul Braffort – m: Ozeus Pottar)

My friend the gypsy
Mouloudji, 1955
(m: Jacques Vérières – m: Marc Heyral)

The divorce petition
Mouloudji, 1967
(f: Mouloudji – m: Gaby Wagenheim)

I lost my jacket
Mouloudji, 1956
(p&m: Charles Trenet)

While sleeping
Mouloudji, 1957
(f: Françoise Sagan – m: Michel Magne)

We told me
Mouloudji, 1957
(p&m: Mouloudji)

Amaze me Benoit

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