The legacy of the Picasso museum, 50 years after the painter’s death

Several sequences in the summary of Soft Power this week: in the first part of the show, the cultural and digital news who marked the week; then an exchange with Michel Reilhacdirector and producer of interactive storytelling and virtual reality, curator of the official international competition for immersive content Venice Immersive (from 35 min. in the podcast) ; finally a great interview with Cecile Debraypresident of the

Picasso-Paris National Museum (from 54 min. in the podcast).

Picasso is dead, long live Picasso!

In 1973, Picasso put down the brush for the last time at the age of 91; the end of a life filled with more than 120,000 works, turbulent love stories and marked by world wars.
Since its opening in 1985, the National Picasso Museum has celebrated the genius of the Spanish painter. Cecile Debraythe president of

Picasso-Paris National Museumshares the rich heritage of Picasso.

President of the Picasso National Museum and curator of the exhibition
The president of the Picasso National Museum and curator of the exhibition “Matisse. Cahiers d’art, the turn of the 1930s” at the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris.

© Maxppp
– Teresa Suarez/EPA

Virtual reality, a new field of artistic exploration

For more than 30 years, the director Michel Reilhac realizes and produces interactive narrations and virtual reality. Also curator of the official international immersive content competition Venice Immersive, Michel Reilhac talks about the future of VR and France’s pioneering role in virtual reality.

The Meta Group presents the new virtual reality headset, Meta Quest Pro.
The Meta Group presents the new virtual reality headset, Meta Quest Pro.

– MetaConnect

News of the week

  • Editions | Éric Zemmour took the lead in sales with his essay I didn’t say my last word (ed. Rubempre).
  • Music | British rock band Depeche Mode release their new album, Memento Moria few months after the death of Andy Fletcher, founding member of the group.

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