Emmanuel Macron “reaches out his hand” to the unions

The executive would like to turn the page on pension reform. With the hope of “appease the country”, and “accelerate the responses to the expectations of the French”. These are the words of Elisabeth Borne. In this perspective, the Prime Minister must consult parliamentarians, political parties, local elected officials and social partners. But before that she was received today at the Elysée. Majority executives, party leaders and some members of the government were also invited. There were few leaks from this meeting, except for a few words from the head of state. Emmanuel continues to target rebellious France and reiterates that he is ready to reach out to the unions.

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After Saturday’s clashes in Sainte-Soline, in Deux-Sèvres, several investigations have been opened. This rally against a water reserve project for agricultural irrigation was prohibited, hence a first investigation. Others are open for “violence on soldiers” and “destruction of property”. Another on the circumstances in which demonstrators were injured. 7 were taken care of on Saturday by the emergency services, as were 47 gendarmes. But organizers say there were actually 200 injured protesters. And there is also the question of emergency response time. A former nurse, volunteer in the “Medic” team of the demonstration, attended the evacuation of a demonstrator whose vital prognosis is still engaged. Like the observers of the League of Human Rights**,** she asserts that there was an obstacle to the arrival of help”. Poitiers research section is seized of this investigation.

How to fight against soil depletion? Annabelle Grelier became interested in biochar. Discovered 6,000 years ago by the Amerindians, this charcoal of plant origin enriches the soil, retains water and stores carbon. And we now find biochar produced and marketed in France.

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After three months of almost weekly protests, is the Israeli Prime Minister about to give in?
According to the formation of the Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir, Binyamin Netanyahu should postpone until next month the continuation of the parliamentary debates on his highly contested justice reform, a project denounced by its detractors as “an obstacle to democracy”. Nearly 100,000 Israelis gathered outside the Knesset in Jerusalem on Monday.

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