From Lana Del Rey to Feist, the reinvention of the classics

I’m gonna take mine of you with me “, an expression repeated several times by the North American singer Lana Del Rey in this brand new song. One of those quintessentially American shortcuts, an expression that you won’t find translated in any English-French dictionary, a kind of poetic shortcut that even the choristers have trouble with at first, since they screw up. A moment that Lana Del Rey and her collaborators have decided to keep, to accentuate, no doubt, the impression of intimacy that emerges from this song.

Take mine of you with me », we have to adapt but it makes the expression more prosaic, it would be something like: take with me what is yours. The song is called ” The Grants is the one with which she begins her new album, which I discovered, like everyone else, last Friday.

The Grants are his family, quite simply. Before projecting herself into this character of Lana Del Rey, born of her imagination, the singer was called Lizzy Grant. And in this song, it’s Lizzy Grant who comes back, who confides in us, so to speak, behind the scenes, before the show. She alludes in the lyrics of ” The Grants to a very popular country song in the United States, ” Rocky Mountain High by John Denver, a half-century-old song in which its author and performer evoked the death of an intrepid mountaineer in the Rocky Mountains. It was in the same circumstances that Lana Del Rey, finally, Lizzy Grant, lost an uncle.

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She also evokes the last smile of her grandmother before her disappearance. Like everyone else, over time, the singer faces the loss of her family. But it’s not just death.

There is also the birth of his sister’s first baby. The eternal movement of life, which destroys everything at the same time that it brings everything back to life.

And the singer expresses this thought that crosses us all, from early youth: what will remain of mine, of all that, of all that we have experienced? She even quotes her pastor, there are people who quote their shrink, basically it comes down to the same thing: “ My pastor, therefore, told me: when you leave, all you take with you is your memory. “. It’s a thought that crosses all of us, of course, and if I can allow myself this digression which is not really one, Lana Del Rey is only expressing a belief that crosses Buddhism, in particular, that something of us survives and manifests itself in other living beings. What was called, and still is called, metempsychosis. And the interesting thing, I promise, I will very quickly stop this development which goes far beyond my field of competence, is that the latest medical findings seem to oblige us to examine this question in a new light.

Musical programming:

  • Lana Del Rey : “The Grants” from the album “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd”
  • Feist : “Hiding Out in the Open” single
  • Caroline Rose : “Love / Lover / Friend” from the album “The Art of Forgetting”
  • Cécile McLorin Salvant : “Mélusine” from the album “Mélusine”
  • Natalie Merchant: “Come On, Aphrodite (feat. Abena Koomson-Davis) – Edit” single
  • Emma Trica: “King Blixa” single
  • Josienne Clarke: “The Tangled Tree” single
  • Susan O’Neill: “Now You See It” single
  • Silver Moth: “The Eternal” single
  • Daughter: “Be on Your Way” single
  • Lana Del Rey: “Paris, Texas” (feat. SYML) from the album “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd”

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