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Our tips for revisiting your lasagna as a seasonal dish

Improved béchamel

Let’s make things clear, we absolutely do not blame the traditional béchamel. But nothing prevents us from making some improvements. To start, how about incorporating cheese into the béchamel, like in the Mornay sauce? Choose emmental or ricotta, if you want to stay on the sweet side. For lovers of more pronounced flavors, we suggest you use goat cheese, cheddar or Roquefort instead.
Second option: color the bechamel with vegetables. You will thus obtain a surprising green bechamel, by adding mixed spinach, or orange, with mashed carrots.
Finally, the very last tip, season the bechamel with spices or condiments. With a bit of curry, spicy sauce, pesto, or paprika… Béchamel can be revisited endlessly.

Lasagna without dough

As surprising as it may seem, lasagna recipes without dough do exist. And they are even delicious. The principle ? Replace the pasta with a vegetable, zucchini or eggplant for example, cut into slices. Ideal if you want a light dinner.
Another advantage, this version is suitable for people intolerant to gluten, or on a carbohydrate-free diet.

A spring garnish

Say goodbye to squash and cabbage (at least, until October), and welcome spring produce. Artichokes, asparagus, peas… An anthology of green vegetables hits the shelves. The only survivors of the winter season are spinach, mushrooms and carrots, which we enjoy until June.
Who says plenty of seasonal vegetables, also says a lot of possibilities for lasagna. Not to mention the proteins which also allow additional combinations. So, instead of preparing them with ground beef, opt for chicken, pulled pork, smoked salmon or tuna, for variety.

Are you lost between all the possible options? Here are 9 spring lasagna recipes to inspire you.

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