The transition to “post-pension reform” will take place without a large part of the left

It’s no secret that Elisabeth Borne and the executive in general would very much like to turn the page on the “pension reform” episode, which has earned the government an ever-imposing mobilization in the streets and in the opposition. But she may well turn this page only with those who already supported (at least in outline) his reform: on the left, the end of inadmissibility now concerns almost all parties.

Latest example on the Nupes side, EELV has just refused the proposal for a meeting with the Prime Minister. For Marine Tondelier, it is indeed unthinkable to “participate in [son] communication exercise. Wanting to “turn the page” seems to the environmental leader totally “off ground and disconnected from the state of nerves” the French. “The country is not ready, and neither are we” to consider next.

No question of going to Matignon, but a demonstration in front of the Élysée

Same refusal from the bosses of environmental groups in the Assembly and the Senate, Cyrielle Chatelain and Guillaume Gontard. “Things have to be done in the right order”considers the second, when the first denounces the method of “stage the dialogue without ever listening and moving”, referring to the “consultations” carried out by Élisabeth Borne since the summer on pension reform. In short, before invoking a change of method and a real dialogue, they are waiting for proof of goodwill: “The new method must be embodied” in fact, according to Cyrielle Chatelain.

Last Thursday, rebellious France had already announced not to go to this meeting at Matignon. “With the parliamentarians of Nupes, we will go in procession to demand the withdrawal of the text of the law in front of the Elysee Palace on Tuesday morning”, even added Manuel Bompard. A procession at the initiative of the PCF, who also refused the invitation. As the socialist party, which also officially declined this Sunday. In the end, no elected Nupes will therefore be present at Matignon this week.

At this hour alone the national rallyalso invited, did not indicate whether they intended to respond favorably to what Élisabeth Borne considers as an outstretched hand to the opposition. The leaders of the Republicans (Eric Ciotti and parliamentary group bosses Bruno Retailleau and Olivier Marleix) were also invited. President LR will meet the Prime Minister on Wednesday evening.

Another meeting… on another topic

Environmentalists will still meet Elisabeth Borne next Tuesday, but in a completely different setting. They must discuss with her the “preserve the order” à la française, at a time when the latter is strongly criticized by the League of Human Rights, the Syndicate of the Judiciary or even, abroad, by the Council of Europe, the UN and even United States.

She also wants to mention “the climate of violence against environmental activists and the necessary appeasement”in particular after remarks by his Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin. “When he calls us eco-terrorists, he makes us a target, he knows it and he continues” explains Marine Tondelier. Marine Tondelier hopes for an internal call to order so that he “stop maintaining ambiguity about us” around the question of non-violence, “one of our fundamentals” .

Marine Tondelier is indeed worried aboutgrowing antipathy on the ground towards environmental activistswith for example the aggression in February of

a farmer who convicted MonsantoTHE

sabotage of a journalist’s vehicle of investigation in Brittany, the intimidation of fishermen towards the president of Sea Sheperd, or his own trip this week to Lot-et-Garonne against a backdrop of threats.

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