David Hallyday: he makes adorable confidences about his grandson Harrison

Published on April 02, 2023 at 3:05 p.m.

David Hallyday: he makes adorable confidences about his grandson Harrison

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Invited by Bernard Montiel on RFM, the singer confided in his role as a grandfather.

Happy dad of three children, Ilona, ​​Emma and Cameron, David Hallyday recently spoke about his brand new role as grandfather. Indeed, his daughter Ilona gave birth to her first child last July, making David Hallyday an absolutely fulfilled grandfather.

It is precisely about the small Harrison that the artist wanted to make some confidences during his passage on RFM.

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A happy grandfather

At the microphone of Bernard Montiel, the son of Johnny Hallyday returned to his new album, but also and above all to the pillar of his life: his family. Dad of three children and grandfather of a little boy, the ex-husband of Estelle Lefébure does not hide his happiness, even if he admits not having seen the time pass and finding his daughter still young to become her -even mom:

“Ilona is young. It’s my baby. So it made me feel weird that she was a mom on that side. But me, it’s as if I had a fourth child, in fact. I’m crazy about this kid. It is awesome. It’s amazing. »

And the singer concludes that this new experience is one of the most exciting of his life: “It’s the most wonderful thing in the world. Something crazy. »

A joy that is pleasing to see.

A new title

If he is the happiest in the world in his private life, David Hallyday is also happy professionally speaking. He has just released the title “The happiest of men”, which was once planned for Johnny Hallyday. Unfortunately, the latter will not have had time to interpret it. A new album should soon follow the release of this first song. News that will please fans of David Hallyday.

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